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An icon when it comes to handmade fashion, designer Giovana Dias is behind all the luxury of knitting needles, creating original, luxurious and glamorous pieces, reinventing the modern crochet.

Sophisticated and timeless fashion, for clients with exquisite style who value originality: this is the proposal of Brazilian designer Giovana Dias. With longstanding experience and visionary personality, she makes the traditional and ancient technique of crochet a true work of art.

Ahead of Giovana Dias Crochet, the designer presents a handmade work, a trademark that is consistently a presence in the fashion industry, winning the world and adding value and elegance to craft work.

With creativity, talent and professionalism, for more than a decade creates modern pieces in keeping with the latest trends. In her studio in São Paulo, the designer usually has more than 50 different models, each with its charm and sophistication. Her biggest challenge is to create each piece with artsy delicacy, allied with technology, with only one desire: make them unique!

Inspired by modernity and innovation, her latest collection presents short and long dresses, coats, sweaters and shawls, as well as bikinis and other exclusive models for all ages, mixing prints, leather and pure silk, giving a light and special touch, revealing richness of details. Wedding dresses are also made with exclusivity.

The models, all made by hand in a purely traditional way that takes 10 to 50 days to make, produced with selected wires, which provide luxurious and perfect fit, turning them into real gems.

Embroidery “richelieu” used in the creations, searches the roots of history and brings all the refinement of French royalty makes the pieces of real luxury and a symbol of sophistication.

The color palette is extensive and features soft colors like such as off white, beige and white, warm colors as yellow, copper, gold, and red fatale, releasing and showing the joyful spirit of the visionary designer. The brightness also appears giving sparkle and glamorous compositions, predicates that make the difference and prove that crochet is here to stay and became a chic and indispensable item in any elegant woman’s closet.

About Giovana Dias
The daughter of a talented seamstress, Giovana Dias, the girl from Minas Gerais, always liked to crochet. It was watching her mother cut clothes with care, she learned to deal with thread and needles.

Trained in Fashion design, in 1999 she began to produce the first pieces in Rio de Janeiro. The orders came quickly and from there, Giovana decided to bring their creations to Trancoso, Bahia, the trendy fisherman’s village in the Brazilian coast. He opened a shop at the hottest spot and became the darling of the place.

With the great success of the season of Bahia, São Paulo was his next destination. He began selling to upscale shops as NK Store, Daslu and recently opened her studio in the Jardins, SP.